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Police Games

Police Games - Will you help uphold the law or will you seek to cause disruption?

The police force are the shining beacon of justice and order on our streets. Every day these individuals fight crime, save people's lives and keep order in our cities. On the flip side, there are individuals who operate under the law and seek to cause chaos and mayhem - which side will you choose? Police games come in many different formats - some involve crazy police car chases, others are platform games that let you try to bring people to justice. Driving Force 3 for example is a fast paced police car chase game - you must collect various weapons in order to bring down your criminal adversaries. The Final Stand alternatively is a 2D police game in which you must hunt down a group of criminals making a blood last stand. Choose your side carefully and fight with the police today!


What are the most popular Police Games?

  1. Drift Escape
  2. Crazy for Speed
  3. Stickman Prison: Counter Assault
  4. City Car Driving Simulator: Stunt Master
  5. City Car Driving Simulator: Ultimate 2
  6. Endless Hot Pursuit
  7. Car Simulator: Crash City
  8. Riot Escape
  9. City Classic Car Driving: 131
  10. City Car Driving Simulator

What are the best Police Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Drift Escape
  2. Real Cars in City
  3. Barbie Fashion Police
  4. Noob vs Cops
  5. Graffiti Time

What are Police Games?

Join the law enforcement in our police game collection. From high-speed chases to solving crimes, each game offers a thrilling police experience. Can you protect and serve your city?

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