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Burnout Drift

(80,973 votes)
BoneCracker Games
April 2017
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop-only), App Store(iOS, Android)

Burnout Drift is a drifting game featuring a range of custom cars and tracks. Choose your ride, take it to the streets, and earn money for your drifting skills. Use your cash to customize your car and buy epic new motors to take around the tracks.

How to Play

Find the perfect car to drift the streets

You can use the money you earn from doing awesome drifts to buy new cars. The first car you start with is a Ford Mustang, but there are drifting classics like the Nissan 350z to pick-ups and supercars like the Bugatti Veyron. You can buy these powerhouse vehicles when you earn enough.

Test your wheels on the tracks

There are three excellent tracks to zoom your latest set of wheels around in Burnout Drift.

  • Rocky Pass is a typical mountain track with plenty of tricky turns and long corners — it’s a great middle-ground track.
  • Ridge is a wide city road - probably the best track for drifting once you get into it.
  • Winter Pass is a little tougher, featuring snow that slows you down and causes additional sliding.


  • The easiest track to drift and earn money on is Ridge
  • The longer you keep up the same drift, the quicker you’ll earn points
  • Crashing will cause you to lose all your drift points, so be careful!
  • The cars all have unique characteristics, some better than others


  • Earn money for drifting your whip
  • Adjust the tuning of your vehicle to find the perfect balance
  • Buy from a range of supercars, streetcars, and trucks
  • Kit up your vehicle with new wheels and colors

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This game is developed by BoneCracker Games (Burga Ozdoganlar) in Unity, and exported to WebGL (using OpenGL 3.0!).


This game can be played in any modern, non-mobile browser (such as Chrome, FireFox, or Edge). It's also available as an Android app and as an iOS app.

Release Date

April 2017


  • W or up arrow to gas
  • S or down arrow to brake
  • AD or left/right arrow to steer
  • Left shift/left ctrl to gear up/down
  • Space bar to handbrake
  • F to use NOS
  • G to enter slowmotion
  • I to start/stop engine
  • L to use low beam headlights
  • K to use high beam headlights
  • C to change camera


Is this the original Burnout Drift?

This is the original web game. However, there are other classic games with the same name.

How many cars are in Burnout Drift?

There are 12 customizable cars ranging from muscle cars to supercars!

Gameplay Video

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