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Sportcars Crash

(45,346 votes)
C Games
December 2023
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Sportcars Crash is a driving game where every curve spells danger and survival is the ultimate challenge. Get behind the steering wheel in various cars, each with their own unique traits and destructibility. Whether you choose to skillfully navigate to the finish line or revel in the thrill of crashing, the choice is yours in this adrenaline-fueled test of driving prowess and instinct.

How to Play

Race through obstacle courses

Take on a series of daring challenges in Sportcars Crash. Every level comes filled with thrilling speed and daredevil stunts, and a plethora of obstacles that can crush and smash your car if you’re not careful.

Make it over the finish line

Your objective in Sportcars Crash is to reach the end in one piece. The more bowling pins you strike down at the end, the bigger your score bonus. If you get knocked off the track or explode before you get there, you have to start the track again. There is an option to repair your car if you reach critical damage.

Buy new destructible vehicles

You receive money when you complete a level. Use that money in the shop to buy a range of cool new cars. Each car has its own character, with unique speeds, destructibility, and handling. Find a car that speeds you through the course with no drama!

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  • Lots of unique and challenging levels
  • Thrilling stunts and speed
  • Epic vehicular destruction
  • Range of cars to purchase

Release Date

December 2023


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


  • WASD / arrow keys = control the car
  • Left mouse button = change the camera view


How many cars are there in Sportcars Crash?

There are 12 vehicles each with their own unique statistics.

What are the bowling pins for in Sportcars Crash?

The more bowling pins you knock down at the end of the track, the bigger your money reward.