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Wrong Way

(187,484 votes)
Roberto Mulas
October 2019
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop-only)

Wrong Way is a thrilling driving game where you can create your own race track! Customize vehicles and build your own routes using an inventory with various objects. A great innovation is the ability to save the created routes and be able to reuse or share them with other users via forums or other download channels.

How to Play Wrong Way

The gameplay and driving mechanisms of this wrong-way driver game remain the same, and the graphics and game engine used are also unchanged. Try out the other games first to understand how the cars handle and how to detect a wrong turn that could potentially derail your track design.

Available objects

Players start with a completely blank map. The only object is the parking garages and repair center. The parking lots and repair center can be moved anywhere on the map but this is the starting point of the race. Other objects available to place include:

  • Ramps
  • Warehouse units
  • Straight road sections
  • Corner road sections
  • Crossroad sections
  • T-Junction sections
  • Barrels
  • Crash barriers
  • Trees

As you can see there is a fantastic range of objects to place - the only thing missing is a police officer to chase you whilst racing! Players can design their track safely, to create fun racing circuits. Alternatively, they can develop a course designed for mayhem and creating a range of head on collisions using the ramps.

The landscapes used are reminiscent of Southern California and driving through your creation feels like you have spent years in the United States. Next, we look at the game controls.

Using the in-game controls

At first, the game controls may feel difficult to use. The WASD keys are used to move the camera view. Moreover, use the right-click mouse button to rotate the camera.

To select an object simply click it from the toolbar menu and click it again to place it on the map. To rotate an object, first click on it - the object will turn red and a rotate and remove icon will appear.

Each item can be placed and rotated individually. Road sections automatically join together which can help prevent wrong tracks being created. Ensure the road sections create a logical circuit to prevent vehicles headed in the wrong direction from crashing.

Available vehicles

Once a player has created their map, they can test it out or share it with others. Pulling off some awesome wrong way crashes or close race finishes is a great thrill, especially on your own map. The following vehicles are available for players to drive in:

  • Mercedes AMG
  • Porsche 911
  • Aston Martin
  • Nissan GT
  • Pick-up truck

The cars all have fantastic detail and look superb. Furthermore, they handle realistically and attain some scary top speeds. If the national highway traffic safety administration saw how you can drive with these cars, they would be outraged!

Give Wrong Way driving game a try today. See what amazing creations you can make and what daring and challenging track designs your mind can produce. Become a driving legend today and make your own dream course!

Release Date

October 2019


Wrong Way is made by Roberto Mulas (Ciorbyn). He has also made another cool car game, Derby Crash 2.


  • Multiple amazing cars to drive
  • Customizable car's appearance
  • Create your own tracks
  • Save and load of the created tracks
  • Fullscreen available


Web browser

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  • WASD or arrow keys = drive or move building camera
  • Mouse = camera interction
  • Enter = reset car
  • R = repair car
  • T = slow time
  • C = change camera
  • Space bar = handbrake


Can I play Wrong Way on my phone?

Unfortunately, Wrong Way can only be enjoyed on desktop.

Can I choose my own car in Wrong Way?

Yes, there are a number of cars you can choose from in Wrong Way, including the Mercedes AMG, Porsche 911, Aston Martin, and more.