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Offroad Island

(29,322 votes)
March 2024
Last Updated:
April 2024
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop-only)

Offroad Island is a realistic off-road driving sim featuring trucks, trailers, quads, bikes, and more. Explore three open worlds, collecting coins for stunts and completing trials to earn greater rewards. Are you ready to take your journey off-road?

How to Play

Explore 3 open maps

There are three open-world maps to explore in Offroad Island. From the stunt-centric Woodlands to the dense forests of MuddyHill - Each map features unique terrains and challenges, so make sure you explore them all!

Browse and buy vehicles

Along with three exciting worlds to explore, there is a collection of superb vehicles, from Cherokees to hotrods and Hummers. You can drive these amazing classics, but you can also buy quads, SxS, crawlers, bikes, and even add a trailer to your vehicle. Browse the premium vehicles for a collection of custom motors.

Customize every aspect of your vehicles

Once you’ve bought a vehicle, you’ll discover extensive customization options. On the aesthetics side you can customize almost every aspect of the body, add new rims and tyres, and paint your vehicle with new colors. If you want to improve performance, you can modify everything from the weight to the engine power and gearbox, then fine-tune each component in the tuning menu.

Enjoy superb realism

Offroad Island features superb graphics and physics. Your wheels dig into the ground and rip up spatterings of dirt that paint your car. The suspension reacts dynamically to the terrain. There is a variety of terrain that behaves differently to your vehicle, creating a driving experience that feels rugged and realistic.

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Release Date

March 2024


Web browser

Last Updated

Apr 08, 2024


  • WASD / arrow keys = move
  • U = respawn car
  • P = pause
  • C = switch camera view
  • V = toggle rear view camera
  • L = light button]
  • H = diffransiyel lock button
  • J = 4WD / 2WD
  • G = off-road gear


How do I earn money in Offroad Island?

You can earn money by doing stunts and completing trials.

How can I make my vehicle faster in Offroad Island?

The upgrades menu contains all the performance enhancements you'll need.

Gameplay Video