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Truck Games

Truck Simulator Games

No one would have expected truck simulator games to be so popular. Yet classics like Euro Truck Simulator 2 took the gaming world by surprise, receiving high praises and millions of truck-loving fans. Turns out simulators are serious business!

You can play truck simulator games in your web browser and explore a range of open-world destinations. Now you can drive trucks transporting dinosaurs or explore Russia's vast and rugged landscapes in Truck Simulator: Russia. Perfect for the long-haul-aholic! Just make sure the cargo is delivered successfully.

Truck Parking

Now that you’ve mastered the art of truck-driving on roads, try parking your truck in difficult-to-reach spots without heavily damaging your vehicle in Just Park It 12.


What are the most popular Truck Games?

  1. Truck Simulator: Russia
  2. Ultimate Truck Driving Simulator 2020
  3. Tow N Go
  4. Trucks Race
  5. Truck Space
  6. Crazy Car Stunts
  7. Snow Plow Truck
  8. Pizza Trucks Jigsaw
  9. Speed Brazil
  10. Russian Delivery Club Baikal

What are the best Truck Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Truck Space
  2. The Cargo
  3. Pizza Trucks Jigsaw
  4. Just Park It 12
  5. Trucks Race

What are Truck Games?

Who says driving has to be all about speed? Truck games are ideal for gamers who want to experience life in the seat of an 18-wheeler. Most truck games are simulators and involve transporting cargo, but there’s truck racing too! If you dream of hitting the road, this is your time to take the wheel.

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