Bazooka Gunner War Strike 3D

Bazooka Gunner War Strike 3D is as you would imagine - a first person shooter game that allows you to use immense rocket launchers to unleash devastation on your enemies. You are the front line of defense at your military base and it is your duty to destroy wave after wave of incoming enemy vehicles and troops. Using your bazooka, you must take out the tanks, trucks and jeeps successfully.

You can zoom in on your target to take an accurate shot but be careful as the reload time of your bazooka is not fast! As you progress you can unlock new levels and different bases to defend. During each level you only have a set amount of time to defend your base, but you have unlimited ammo so keep shooting! Can you defeat the incoming convoy and save your defensive operations?


Bazooka Gunner War Strike 3D is developed by HGames.



  • Left click to shoot
  • Right click to zoom
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