Vex 2 is an exhilarating platform game that tests your skills and reactions. In this game you have to jump, climb and slide using the keyboard in this funky platformer with a simple but stylishly effective look.

If you are looking for an easy to play platform based browser game, the highly addictive Vex 2 is the perfect choice! This fast-paced jumping-based thriller is reminiscent of pioneering games such as Sonic and Super Mario. Controlling your stick character, you will use a series of jumps, slides, and techniques to traverse each level and navigate the various obstacles presented.

This game expands upon the basic obstacle jumping formula and introduces fun techniques such as wall-jumping, sliding, and wall-hanging. Timing is everything and you must use a combination of quick fingers together with perfectly timed jumps and maneuvers to navigate the obstacles. The fun doesn't stop there, however; at various points throughout the level, you can activate various switches that affect the playing environment such as an anti-gravity switch that makes your jumps higher!

Finally, if you have a creative side, Vex 2 features a level builder that allows you to culminate your own fiendish creations. Vex 2 truly is a fantastic game and a quick 5-minute blast could easily turn into a 2-hour marathon!

UPDATE: Vex 3 is now here!


  • Multiple levels each with varying gameplay and obstacles
  • Mid-level checkpoints to stop replaying each level from scratch
  • Simple controls for fluid gameplay


This game is a Flash based web-browser game available on any popular browser that has the flash plugin installed such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.


Created by the browser game developer Amazing Adam who also made the Vex prequel and the latest installment, Vex 3.

Release Date

June 2013


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