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Rhino Rush Stampede

Developed by  XformGames

Rhino Rush Stampede is an endless running game with cool power-ups, epic upgrades, and cartoonish graphics. Collect delicious fruit and run for as long as you can!


Compete with your best run

Run endlessly and collect as many fruits as you can! There are bananas, apples, berries and more fruit the further you get. Try to go further with each run to beat your previous score.

Avoid obstacles to keep the stampede alive

Avoid obstacles! There are various obstacles designed to trip you up in Rhino Rush Stampede. Jump over them using the up arrow and dash through blocks with the down arrow.

Supercharge your rhino

Smash through crates to find awesome power-ups like the dinosaur and hippo. These temporary buffs let you smash through everything in sight.

Visit the Shaman’s corner

What’s all that fruit for? The Shaman will sell you upgrades in exchange for the fruit you collect. You can purchase sidekicks, vehicles, gadgets, upgrades, and silly hats.

These epic items have a huge effect on the game, so go buy them and see what happens!

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Release Date

December 2021


XformGames developed this game.


Web browser


  • W / up arrow key = jump
  • S / down arrow key / right arrow key / space = dash
  • Up and down arrow keys = control animals and vehicles