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The side scrolling game format is one of the oldest types of game created. When video games were first developed, many of them would feature side-scrolling action in which you would control a character in a 2D environment that scrolled to the right as you progressed. Typical examples include Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario. These types of game are a huge amount of fun and cover a wide range of genres. Mine Blocks and Paper Minecraft are side scrolling building games inspired by Minecraft. There are even some side-scrolling basketball games such as Basketball Legends. Challenge yourself with these amazing games today and put your platform skills to the test!


What are the most popular Side Scrolling Games?

  1. Moto X3M
  2. Stickman Battle Fight Warriors
  3. House of Hazards
  4. Getaway Shootout
  5. EvoWorld.io (FlyOrDie.io)
  6. Shadow Ninja Revenge
  7. Moto X3M 6: Spooky Land
  8. Stickman Parkour 2: Lucky Block
  9. Stickman Archero Fight
  10. Death Chase

What are the best Side Scrolling Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. EvoWorld.io (FlyOrDie.io)
  2. Getaway Shootout
  3. Steve's World
  4. Metal Guns Fury
  5. Alpha Guns

What are some underrated Side Scrolling Games?

  1. Moto X3M
  2. House of Hazards
  3. EvoWorld.io (FlyOrDie.io)
  4. Flappy Bird
  5. Cookie Delivery
  6. Age Of War

What are Side Scrolling Games?

Side Scrolling Games - Check out these retro platform games packed full of classic action!

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