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Survival Games

Survival Games - do you have what it takes?

The recipe for viral success

The survival genre is huge and forever spawning sensational viral games. Fall Beans, Among Us, and more recently Squid Game, just to name a few. The latter has quickly spawned several titles like the popular Squid Game Online, an explosively popular online game featuring challenges and themes from the viral streaming series.

So many sub-genres

There is an epic range of game varieties such as survival management games, survival horror games, survival zombie games, and the classic survival sandbox. Whatever the variety, users must enter these generated worlds and try to stay alive for as long as possible. This could include simple avoidance mechanics. Alternatively, it could require gathering food and equipment.

What makes a survival game?

The typical survival game will include scavenger elements and base building. There is randomly generated objects and items for users to interact with. Players must make careful decisions and monitor the various stats such as hunger, health, and energy. PC games often present the best open world survival gameplay, but there is a host of amazing browser titles too.

Survive harsh worlds near and far

One amazing thing about this type of game is the different worlds and landscapes. Some games require that players survive on an alien planet for example. Others, such as Braaains.io are set in a post-apocalyptic world and give users the classic zombie survival game. Furthermore, titles like Survive in the Forest provide a standard earth setting, but give users a long dark nighttime in which they must last against a range of terrors.

When playing survival games, remember these pointers - don’t starve, always consider eating, drinking, and health, and look out for predators. Also consider that some survival games provide early access beta versions so users trial the action before the game is even released.


What are the most popular Survival Games?

  1. Miniblox
  2. Cubes 2048.io
  3. Rally Racer Dirt
  4. Snake.io
  5. Taming.io
  7. Time Shooter 2
  8. Sandbox City
  9. Stickman Battle Fight Warriors
  10. Space Wars Battleground

What are the best Survival Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Noob Miner 2: Escape From Prison
  2. Cubes 2048.io
  3. Taming.io
  4. EvoWorld.io (FlyOrDie.io)
  5. Zombie Hunters Online

What are some underrated Survival Games?

  1. Snake.io
  2. Taming.io
  3. Diep.io
  4. Geometry Game
  5. Zombs Royale (ZombsRoyale.io)

What are Survival Games?

Stranded on a desert island or fighting off zombies, these games challenge you to survive in harsh environments. With limited resources and daunting obstacles, these games offer an immersive and intense experience.

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