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Running Games

Running Games – Charge headlong through a range of different courses and tracks!

Running in the real world is often a chore. Many people however simply love to run - they participate in marathons and cross country events and enjoy the exercise and challenge. Running is a big sport in athletics competitions such as the Olympics and professional runners have an unbelievable amount of stamina and will power.

If you don't enjoy running, or physically can't, you could always play one of our fantastic running browser games instead! Running games are so much fun - they take away the chore and physical pain of running, and replace it with endless amounts of energy and challenge. Running games cover a wide range of different themes but the premise remains the same - run through a track or course and bypass a series of objects and obstacles. This type of game has been hugely popular on both smartphones and web browsers.

The games listed below are some of our most popular running titles:

  • Run 3 is a simple but engaging game - you control an alien and must run through a 3D track. The track can rotate, and you can run on any of the four walls!
  • Om Nom: Run is a game set on the mean streets of Nomville in which you have to sprint your way through a variety of hazardous situations.
  • Fancy Pants Adventure is a classic 2D platform game with a retro feel that will please the fans of Sonic.

Put your running shoes on and check out our other running games today!


What are the most popular Running Games?

  1. Man Runner 2048
  2. Tag 2 3 4 Players
  3. Layers Roll
  4. Race Clicker: Tap Tap Game
  5. Vikings: An Archer's Journey
  6. Robo Runner
  7. Ninja Escape
  8. Muscle Shift
  9. Rooftop Run
  10. Reply Run

What are the best Running Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Man Runner 2048
  2. Run Idle
  3. Dinosaur Game
  4. Rich Doge
  5. Tunnel Runner

What are Running Games?

Running games provide a series of different tracks and courses that you must race through. Avoid obstacles, collect items, and try to beat your personal best time!

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