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Developed by  Dedra Games

OvO is a fast-paced platformer where you use precise parkour and free running skills to complete each level. The levels feature increasingly tricky obstacles and you’ll need to do various jumps, slides, and dives to avoid them.

How to Play OvO

Parkour your way to the exit

OvO will gently introduce you to the mechanics of the game over several levels. After that, the game gets more challenging. Use various jumps, dives, and utilize the environment to get where you need to be. There are 40 levels and a plethora of tricky traps to avoid.

Reskin your character

Throughout the levels there are large collectible coins. Collect all of the coins to achieve the maximum available points. Earning more coins mean you’ll have more to spend on various skins for your OvO character!

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  • 40 challenging levels to beat
  • Takes skill and precision to master
  • Unlockable skins and characters
  • Play in easy or hard mode

Release Date

January 2018


OvO is developed by Dedra Games.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android

Last Updated

Jun 23, 2022

Controls (can be customized in the Options)

Use arrow keys to move.


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