Big NEON Tower VS Tiny Square

Big NEON Tower VS Tiny Square is a platforming-arcade game that is inspired by 90s arcade games. This game is one giant level broken up into large single-screen sections. Each obstacle has been meticulously placed. Each section devilishly designed. It will take patience and skill to navigate the maze-like tower. Precision is key to success!

New Tower. Old Enemy. Ride the vaporwaves and avoid the neon nuisances in the 3rd installment of the Big Tower Tiny Square series that is loved by players around the globe!

Release Date

May 2021


EvilObjective developed Big NEON Tower VS Tiny Square.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Steam
  • iOS



  • Menu UI: A/W or Arrow Keys to move, space to select. Click or touch UI on mobile
  • Keyboard: Move with Arrow Keys or A D | Jump: Spacebar or Up Arrow or Z or W | Y to restart at last checkpoint | ESC for Menu
  • Controller: Joystick to move | A to jump | Y to restart at last checkpoint | Start for menu
  • Mobile: Move with touch buttons on the left side of screen | Jump with touch button on right | Tap the top of the screen for the main menu


  • Game is choppy/low FPS: Toggle the PERFORMANCE button in options for smoother gameplay. (Defaulted On for mobile)
  • Too zoomed out: Toggle the ZOOM button in options for a zoomed in view on the player. (Defaulted On for mobile)
  • Can't start: Highlight the start button with A/D and press space (Keyboard) or Joystick and A button (Controller) or click Start. On mobile just touch the start button
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