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Big Tower Tiny Square

Developed by  EvilObjective

Big Tower Tiny Square is a precision platformer created by Evil Objective. Dodge bullets and leap over lava pits as you make your way to the top of the tower to save your pineapple. Don’t ask why. Just keep jumping and dying (repeatedly) until you make it. Then breathe a sigh of relief.

How to Play

Your mission is to reach the top of the tower. That’s where your pineapple is. You’ll have to dodge bullets, bounce up walls, open doors, navigate moving platforms, and avoid deadly blades. 

The further up the tower you get, the more challenging it is. You’ll have to be more precise with your Tiny Square, as there will be more obstacles. The game is generous with respawns, though, so you’ll never stray too far from the point you died.

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  • One continuous level with various sections
  • Increasing difficulty as you progress
  • Requires concentration and precision
  • Catchy music to accompany the countless inevitable deaths

Release Date

November 2016


EvilObjective made this game.


  • Web browser
  • Steam


  • Movement: Arrow Keys / AD
  • Jump: spacebarar / up arrow key / Z / W
  • Restart at last checkpoint: Y
  • Controller fully supported
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