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Big Tower Tiny Square 2

Developed by  EvilObjective

Big Tower Tiny Square 2 is back with another puzzling platformer. Climb your way up the tower once more to save Pineapple. Featuring the original tower and new obstacles!

The Story

Big Square has returned to the first Big Tower. After a clone of Pineapple was destroyed in the Big Flappy Tower, Big Square deviously stole a new Pineapple (how!?) and rebuilt the ruins of the old Big Tower with traps from previous towers!

Climb the new Big Tower, Tiny Square. Rescue Pineapple! Get REVENGE!

The Game

You’re a tiny square climbing a big tower - much like the original game. The level is one giant tower filled with deadly surprises. As you progress through the game, the threats accumulate, requiring more precision and concentration to overcome. Big Tower Tiny Square 2 comes with an aesthetic overhaul and brand new challenges to face!

How to Play

Move Tiny Square up the Big Tower. Be mindful of obstacles and think about approaching each new section carefully. Other tiny squares will give you hints as you make your way to save Pineapple. There are frequent checkpoints, so you’re never too far from where you last died.

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  • A brand new challenge for Tiny Square
  • Tricky obstacles to avoid
  • Superb music and visuals
  • Fast, fun platformer gameplay

Release Date

February 2022


EvilObjective developed this game.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Use arrow keys or WASD to move and jump.