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Star Trek Online


Star Trek Online - to boldly go! Discover the world of Star Trek and experience the whole galactic experience by taking the captain role of a starship! Arc games have created a magnificent online browser title that allows players to fight against the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Republic. Moreover, users can jump into awesome spaceships and craft a whole fleet of warships.

The Star Trek universe has never looked so good. The graphics are fantastic and users can explore strange new worlds in this free to play title. Choose whichever race you wish to control. Once you have chosen, work your way up as the bridge officer and improve your ship. Attend to different aspects such as weapons and shields.

Characters from the TV show are present and the sci-fi action will keep you riveted. Aside from upgrading your ship, users can also beam down to planets to explore and complete missions. When exploring planets, users upgrade their character with different abilities, weapons, and stats.

As you start to play, you will undoubtedly want to purchase a lifetime subscription. Star Trek fans will simply love the immersive gameplay and the ability to control iconic starfleet ships. Even non-Star Trek fans will enjoy the progression and exploration.

Explore the Star Trek universe like never before in this groundbreaking MMORPG. Whether you love tactical starship battles or exploring weird and wonderful planets, this game will provide hours of fun.

Release Date

February 2010


Cryptic Studios developed Star Trek Online.


Personal computer. This game is also available as Steam app.


Use the left mouse button to interact.