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Space Games

Take to the stars and explore the vast unknown regions of the galaxy!

For many years man has been fascinated with space. We have set foot on the moon, landed a robot on Mars and sent satellites to the far reaches of the universe. Space is a vast open expanse and many of us like to believe that there are alien species out there who we can make contact with. Films such as E.T, Alien and Star Trek have entertained us for many years and brought us ideas of little green men from outer space! Space games let us explore other worlds, battle against aliens and fight immense star battles.

These four space games have been hand-picked to represent four of our most popular titles of this genre. First we have Run 3 - this space based running game truly tests your skill and reflexes. You control a cute little alien and must guide him through an obstacle course. Jump over gaps in the course and avoid the crumbling stone squares. What makes this running game even more exciting is the fact that you can run on each side of the course! Next we have Space City - Build Your Empire, a short building game set on an alien planet. Your goal is to extract the resources necessary to fuel your ship and leave. Expand your production, build new technologies, and beware of thieves!

Thirdly we have StarBlast, a fun multiplayer arcade shooter set in space. Mine asteroids and fight other players in your own fully upgradable spaceship. Work together with your teammates to ensure victory. As you can see, these three games are superb and a great deal of fun - why not have a look at the other spaceship titles we have to offer too?


What are the most popular Space Games?

  1. StarBlast
  2. Planet Clicker 2
  3. Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker
  4. Planetary Assault
  5. Build your Rocket
  6. The Final Earth 2
  7. Space Colony
  8. Space Company
  9. Planet Clicker
  10. Space Museum Escape

What are the best Space Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. StarBlast
  2. Idle Space
  3. Planet Clicker
  4. Planet Clicker 2
  5. Galactic Crusade Clicker

What are Space Games?

Space games allow you to explore strange new worlds, build spaceships and fight wonderful alien races. Take to the stars and head out into the unknown!

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