8.9 is a casual multiplayer game inspired by Agario. This game adds some new elements to the Agar gameplay, including equipment and speed controls. You can collect coins that are scattered around the map and use them to buy new things. These will increase your status and improve your maneuvers. There are 3 available modes: free for all, capture the flag, and solo. The other game mechanics are the same: eat objects and other players to grow bigger. Be careful of viruses: when you eat one you will split into many little cells. Have fun!

Platforms is available as a browser game, and as mobile apps on Android and iOS. as well as Steam.


This game is created by Freakinware Ltd.


Game controls

  • Use your mouse to move
  • Double left click or space bar to split
  • Hold left click or W to shoot
  • Shift to enter slow movement
  • Ctrl to stop movement
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