Gun Cars 2
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Gun Cars 2

Gun Cars 2 is a fast paced driving game that has a element of chaos and destruction. Before you start a race you can choose from 12 different characters - each with their own unique vehicle and weapons. One character has a fearsome car that has heat seeking missiles for example while another has a destructive laser. Which character will you choose?

Once you have chosen your character you take to the track and race against three other opponents. Each track features a different layout and many of the track feature moving obstacles. Furthermore you can collect power-ups and new weapons to try and damage your enemy with. Try and drive smoothly and avoid hitting the sides, but also try to use your weapons to inflict damage on your foes. The gameplay is action packed and you will have fun controlling both the weapons and the vehicle! Can you become a driving force of destruction in Gun Cars 2?


Gun Cars 2 is developed by Wolf Games, who as also made smash hits such as Gunblood and Apple Shooter.


  • WASD or arrow keys to drive
  • Z or K to shoot
  • X or L to use special weapon