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Traffic Cop 3D

(70,408 votes)
Kwalee Ltd
May 2023
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop-only), App Store(iOS, Android)

Traffic Cop 3D is a casual game where you play as a police officer enforcing the law of the road. Scan nearby drivers and use intel from the police database to decide whether you should pull them over, or let them go, all while progressing through the story and increasing your duties as a cop.

How to Play

The law is in your hands

Have you always wanted to have the power of the law in your hands? In Traffic Cop 3D, you get to decide who should be punished or spared based on the information you learn about drivers on the road. Some drivers have unpaid parking tickets, others have fake identities, and are committing bigger crimes.

Enforce the rules of the road

Use the intel to pull over drivers and teach them a lesson about following the law. You can fine drivers initially, while further down the line you can also check drivers identification cards and arrest them if you find anything suspicious.

Some Criminals fancy their chances at escaping rather than stopping when you start chasing them, sirens blaring. In this situation, you can use the PA to shout at them, or ram them off the road!

Are you a good cop or a bad cop?

In Traffic Cop 3D, it’s really up to you whether you’re a good cop or a bad cop, but there may be consequences if you take the morally questionable options. Do your best to be an awesome cop and make a difference!

Climb the ladder of justice

As you progress, you will encounter unique story missions that involve saving lives and enforcing justice in more complex scenarios. You can also jump into more dangerous side missions like chasing bank robbers through the streets! Unlock new city districts as you complete more tasks.

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  • Scan drivers and check their records
  • Pull them over and decide their fate
  • Progress through the story quests and unlock more locations
  • Complete dangerous side missions to protect society against serious crimes
  • Buy various upgrades for your police car, or swap it for a new one!

Release Date

  • August 2021 (iOS)
  • September 2021 (Android)
  • May 2023 (WebGL)


Traffic Cop 3D is made by Kwalee Ltd. They also developed the popular game Teacher Simulator.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android
  • iOS


Drag the left mouse button to scan the car license and use the left mouse button to interact with the in-game button.

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