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Traffic Games

Rule the roads in a variety of vehicles and weave through manic traffic! With our collection of high-quality HTML5 and Flash traffic games you won't be bored for more than a second!

Today we have a huge range of vehicles at our disposal – cars, buses, boats, motorbikes, airplanes, and hovercraft's to name a few. Due to our reliance on vehicular transport, and the sheer amount of vehicles on our roads, traffic is a constant issue! Many big cities struggle with congestion and experience huge traffic jams that can cause hours of delays.

Traffic browser games take away all of this stress and trouble and allow you to control vehicles freely! You can drive or ride to your heart's content with little to no consequence! Traffic games usually involve elements of racing or driving skills. You may have to race through traffic against various opponents or maybe just smash your way through a cityscape! The following browser games are some of our most popular traffic titles; Traffic Collision, Traffic Slam 3 and Skate Hooligans represent the best we have to offer!

Highway Racer is a super fun driving game. You must drive on a highway and dodge the traffic. Use the money you earn in all four game modes to unlock new vehicles and customize your cars. You can even play a multiplayer version and race against other players! These fantastic games are just a small sample of the traffic titles we have available – have a look and see what other exciting games you could play!


What are the most popular Traffic Games?

  1. Mr. Racer
  2. Sandbox City
  3. Truck Simulator: Russia
  4. Highway Racer
  5. Ultimate Truck Driving Simulator 2020
  6. City Car Driving Simulator
  7. Last Debt
  8. Traffic Cop 3D
  9. City Car Driving Simulator 3
  10. City Car Driving Simulator: Stunt Master

What are the best Traffic Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Mr. Racer
  2. Drive Taxi
  3. Road Fight
  4. Traffic Control
  5. Traffic Loop

What are Traffic Games?

Traffic games put you at the heart of the action and let you race through different cityscapes. Race with sports cars, motorbikes or even boats and try to avoid crashing!

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