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Have you ever wanted to fly a legendary aircraft? Now you have the chance in TU-46 – in this game you get to jump into the cockpit of the amazing TU-46 Russian aircraft.

You must take the controls and try to land it at different airports. Avoid hitting any obstacles and try to fly as smoothly as possible! You must make use of the instructions and take into consideration all of the controls. Don’t crash your TU-46!

Release Date

December 2011


This game is made by Pavel Zhukovsky.


  • Fly a 1970 airplane from Tupolev, TU-46
  • 2D side-scrolling camera view
  • Complete controls over the airplane
  • Helpful instructions


Web browser


  • I to toggle engine on/off
  • Arrow keys to steer
  • F to change flap
  • G to toggle gears
  • E to use the extinguisher
  • Space bar to turn around
  • Z to fast-forward