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Zarsthor - Asteroid Space Shooter

Developed by  DonislawDev

Imagine you have a normal life... One day you want to change it, you are going on an adventure through the universe. Why would you do it? What can happen during the travelling? Over time, this game will bring you answers to those questions, the in-game hero made a decision, to change his life, but why? Check out the original story. An arcade-machine in your pocket. Tap to test your reflex.

Release Date

April 2018


Zarsthor - Asteroid Space Shooter is developed by DonislawDev.

Special thanks

  • Adam Rucki (Shephard) for making most SFX in this game
  • Marek Majewski
  • www.gamedeveloperstudio.com


  • Various gameplay levels (don’t shoot to astronauts, collect something, protect, destroy the meteor, and a lot more, 40+ levels) and various bosses to defeat.
  • Open world map (with side and main missions), you decide which one you will take.
  • Upgrade your spaceship + unlock new ships, each one look different + got other stats (Over 7 ships to unlock).
  • Hardcore gameplay, this game is hard, it’s true arcade, each second can change your life and make your ship piece of parts (there is also easy mode). Imagine tons of glow asteroids, it’s just a start.
  • Discover original Galactica story in a strange universe. Discover Space Frontier
  • No IAP
  • And a lot more


This game is a web browser game. It's also available as an Android app.


In settings, You can change the difficulty level

Always play on latest browser version, to save use text, the best browser for this game is FireFox. If you are using another browser, and the game doesn’t work, try playing it on FireFox.


  • WASD or Arrows to move
  • J or X to shoot or do an action
  • Enter or mouse to confirm planet/side action
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