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January 2020
Browser (desktop-only)
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Cuphead is a sidescrolling action game developed by StudioMDHR. Play one of the biggest boss battles where you control a warplane carrying Cuphead. Choose your desired difficulty level and jump into the dog fight.

How to Play

Difficulty and controls

Start by choosing your difficulty level. There are four basic difficulties to choose. These are:

  • Simple
  • Regular
  • Expert
  • Invisible Challenge

The fourth option, “invisible challenge” features invisible ammunition, making it harder to avoid attacks. Once you’ve selected your difficulty level, there are various control schemes to choose from to suit your playing style.


Fight an airborne battle on a side-scrolling level. The boss battle against Wally Warbles begins immediately when you start and ramps up through three phases. You have three lives, so do your best to avoid and repel his attacks while landing your own. After the frantic battle, Wally will pass away on a stretcher, ready to eat!

Aviary Action

This free web version of Cuphead is based on a boss battle from the original game. Aviary Action is an epic boss battle fought in three phases against a cuckoo-clock known as Wally Warbles. Each phase poses new challenges as Wally evolves into a new form with more challenging attacks.

About Cuphead

Cuphead is a sidescrolling action game released in 2017, where the player fights various bosses interspersed between run-and-gun battles. As you progress through the game, you acquire more power and abilities that can be equipped in limited number during battle.

The game features an art style inspired by the golden era of American animation. This cartoonish aesthetic won Cuphead several awards for its unique and eye-catching appearance.

If you like cartoon-style games, check out some other popular titles like Friday Night Funkin' and Square Bird.


  • Play the Aviary Action boss battle from Cuphead
  • Fight through the three phases to defeat Wally Warbles
  • Select your difficulty level from 4 modes
  • Play Cuphead for free on the web!


StudioMDHR developed Cuphead.


Web browser

One Player Controls

  • Arrow keys to move
  • X to shoot
  • C to shrink
  • Z to parry
  • V to use superpower

Two Player Controls

  • To move, player 1 use arrow keys and player 2 use the WASD keys
  • To parry, player 1 use U and player 2 use X
  • To shoot, player 1 use I and player 2 use C
  • To shrink, player 1 use O and player 2 use V
  • To use superpower, player 1 use P and player 2 use B


Is Cuphead a two-player game?

The full version of Cuphead can be played with one or two players.

Is Cuphead a difficult game?

Some of the boss battles are quite challenging, but should be beatable once you've figured out the patterns.

Gameplay Video