Helicopter Games

Our helicopter games allow you to jump into the cockpit and fly the helicopters.
War Brokers (.io)
Free Rally: Vice
Free Rally 2
Seek and Destroy
3D Flight Simulator
Free Rally: Pripyat
Pixelar: Vehicle Wars
Super Fast Driver
Tower Defense Sudden Attack
Helicopter and Tank Battle Desert Storm
Helicopter Rescue Operation 2020
Next Drive
Swing Copters
Real Flight Simulator 2
Shoot N Scroll 3D
Miami Shark
Crime City 3D
Zombie Choppa
Hanna in a Choppa 2
Chopper Assault
Hanna in a Choppa


What are the most popular Helicopter Games?

  1. War Brokers (.io)
  2. Free Rally: Vice
  3. Free Rally 2
  4. Copter.io
  5. Defly.io
  6. Seek and Destroy
  7. 3D Flight Simulator
  8. Free Rally: Pripyat
  9. Pixelar: Vehicle Wars
  10. Super Fast Driver

What are the best Helicopter Games to play on phones and tablets?

  1. War Brokers (.io)
  2. Free Rally: Vice
  3. Free Rally 2
  4. Copter.io
  5. Defly.io

What are Helicopter Games?

Helicopter games truly test your piloting skills and require great concentration. You must watch how fly you high, your direction, and also look out for obstacles or even try and destroy other targets with your weapons. Whatever type of helicopter game you play, you can experience the thrill of flying and exploring the sky!

Helicopter browser games come in many different shapes and sizes. Some helicopter games have realistic 3D graphics and allow you to engage in deadly combat in the sky. Other helicopter games feature arcade platform style gameplay with retro graphics and fun side-scrolling flying mayhem. Whatever the genre, helicopter games are a heap of fun and provide a different type of experience to other driving/vehicle simulation games. The following are three examples of the helicopter games we have to offer:

First we have Real Flight Simulator 2 which is an awesome flying simulation game – you can control a variety of helicopters and see what its like to fly these awesome machines. Secondly we have Desert Force which is a top-down helicopter arcade game – you control a military copter and must fight a range of different enemies across some fantastic desert landscapes. Finally we have Copter which is a simple but addictive platform game with similarities to Flappy Bird – you must keep your helicopter flying and avoid a range of obstacles.

These three games provide you a representation of what you can expect from our helicopter titles – why not check out what other games we have to offer?

We collected 32 of the best free online helicopter games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. They include new helicopter games such as Free Rally: Vice and top helicopter games such as War Brokers (.io), Free Rally: Vice, and Free Rally 2.
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