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Air Toons

(46,648 votes)
Martian Games
August 2019
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop-only)

Air Toons game - the epic air combat game Just like Air Wars, Air Toons brings an exciting airplane battle game with capture-the-flag gameplay. Pilot your airplane skillfully and outmaneuver your opponents to get the upper hand.

This game might not feature porky pig or other looney tunes, but it does feature airplanes from the United States Air Force. Users must jump into the cockpit and take to the skies. Once secure in the cockpit, users must then engage in deadly dogfights and battle for control of the air.

Users can register an account or play as a guest. Once an account is created, users can then join one of the many game servers available. Look for a game that has other players in, and jump into the action. The controls may seem difficult at first, but once you get used to the flying mechanics, you will perform some awesome stunts and maneuvers.

Use the A and D keys to steer the plane left and right. Furthermore, use the mouse and mouse buttons to control the plane's aim and weapons. The key is to keep the plane level whilst aiming your weapons to engage the other aircraft in dogfights. Also, watch out for incoming missiles and fire as your plane can only take a certain level of damage.

The graphics of this Air Toons game are superb. You really feel immersed in the game as you fly through the sky and look at the 3D world unfolding around you. At the start of each game, users modify aircraft stats. Boost different stats such as speed, shield, and turbo. Choose these stats carefully and they impact how your aircraft will fly.

Once you have edited your stats, choose either the red or blue team. For each match, users work with their team and try to capture the enemy flag. The flag is located on the top of a skyscraper at the end of the map. Fly to the flag and take it - the aim then is to return it to your own base. At the same time, you must protect your own flag and prevent the enemy from taking it.

The city you fly over, looks like New York from the United States and you can weave in-between the skyscrapers. Don’t forget to shoot at the enemy planes and try to take them down. When fighting, don’t lose sight of the buildings surrounding your plane as it is easy to crash.

See if you can conquer the skies in this Air Toons game and have fun playing capture the flag.

Release Date

August 2019


Martian Games developed this game and also another impressive 3D multiplayer FPS game, Met Rage.


Web browser


  • AD = Steer
  • W = Boost speed
  • Left mouse button = Shoot
  • Right mouse button = Aim
  • C = Cockpit view
  • M = Toggle audio on/off
  • ~ = In-game menu
  • Enter = Chat