Endless Toy Flight

Endless Toy Fight is a never-ending platform title in which you must control your very own toy airplane and try to take down as many enemy planes as possible. Your plane attacks automatically and you must simply control its movement – move left and right to shoot as many planes as possible. The planes come thick and fast so you must work hard and have quick reactions!

Don’t forget to pick up the various health boosters, weapons upgrades and other power-ups that will help you survive and dish out more damage! How long can you survive for? How many planes can you destroy and what high score can you register?

Release Date

March 2018


Endless Toy Flight was developed by Goos Games.


  • Cool endless airplane shooting game
  • Random map with each new game
  • Many enemy airplane models
  • Power-ups that you must pick-up to fly longer


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



Use arrow keys to control the airplane.
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