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Developed by  Chris Benjaminsen

Cave FRVR is an epic piloting game in which you must pilot your craft through a never-ending cave – you must be careful to avoid hitting the walls otherwise your airplane will take damage and eventually be destroyed! Use the left click mouse button to make your plane fly and control its movements – you must click at the right time and try to maintain a stable altitude.

As you progress through the dark and gloomy cave you will see diamonds that you can collect – these diamonds are essential and will refill your fuel tank allowing you to fly further. Each run you will earn a score and reward based on how far you traveled – use the rewards you earn to purchase awesome upgrades for your plane to improve its survivability and endurance. Can you conquer the cave?

Release Date

The initial release date is July 2017 as a mobile app and in February 2018 the game is available online.


Cave FRVR is made by Chris Benjaminsen (FRVR).


  • Cool airplane piloting game to avoid various obstacles and to reach as deep as possible whilst collecting things
  • Daily missions to get more pink diamonds
  • Upgradeable and unlockable airplanes
  • Various power-ups to help your journey
  • Different obstacles in the cave, such as rotating platforms and shooting crystals
  • Fuel system, the airplane uses fuel as you control it but can be refilled when landing on a platform


Cave FRVR is a web browser game (desktop and mobile).


Use the left mouse button to make the airplane fly.