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Flying Games

Fly planes, spaceships, dragons, dinosaurs and more! Browse the collection of free flying games and fly away on an adventure.

The Best Flying Games

Fly dragons

There are plenty of flying dragon games to choose from. One of our most popular flying games is Dragon Simulator 3D. You can customize your mythical beast and fly away into a vast open-world and complete quests! Check out Dragon Simulator Multiplayer, too.

Fly animals

Flying real animals is a popular choice too. You can simulate life as a parrot living on a beautiful tropical island in Parrot Simulator. Duck Life 4 is a popular flying game that also features several other entertaining gameplay elements.

Fly planes

If you want to play one of our best plane flying games, try Air Wars 2 for epic 3D dogfights in the air. You can take your flight further afield and commandeer a spaceship in Sol Wars and Space Battle.

Fly cars

Yes, you can even defy all logic and fly cars in Flying Car Simulator, where you can fly a car with wings. 

Similar Genres

Flying is a broad genre. You can filter your search down further by checking out our helicopter games, airplane games, and dragon games. Our flying games are free to play in your web browser, with no download required.


What are the most popular Flying Games?

  1. Dragon Simulator 3D
  2. Pilot Royale: Battlegrounds
  3. Parrot Simulator
  4. Base Jump Wing Suit Flying
  5. Dragon Joust (.io)
  6. Ramp Bike Jumping
  7. Jump Into The Plane
  8. Big FLAPPY Tower Tiny Square
  9. Duck Life 3
  10. Duck Life 2

What are the best Flying Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Cave FRVR
  2. Space Flight
  3. Copter Rescue
  4. Aerial Stunt Pilot 2
  5. Big FLAPPY Tower Tiny Square

What are some underrated Flying Games?

  1. Duck Life

What are Flying Games?

Flying games take you up into the sky and space on vehicles ranging from dragons to fighter jets. You can fly helicopters and airplanes, simulate life through the eyes of a bird, and go beyond the sky into deep space. There’s plenty of choice for those who dream of flying.

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