Laser Bricks

Laser Bricks is an exciting and fun arcade game in which you control a small airplane - you must guide this airplane through various levels and attempt to destroy the blocks that are stuck in your path with your epic laser. Your plane fires automatically and you must simply control its left and right movements. You must break through or dodge the blocks in front of your plane.

Some blocks have a number on - the number represents how many times you must hit the block to destroy it so pay attention! Look out for the various power-ups too as these can improve your rate of fire greatly - there is a triple fire power-up for example that allows you to shoot 3x bullets or a laser power-up that gives you a continuous firing laser. Can you complete every level?

Release Date

April 2018


Nannings Games made Laser Bricks.


  • Straightforward mission, shoot blocks and reach the goal area
  • Blocks obstacles that require a number of hits before they can be destroyed
  • Pickable weapon power-ups
  • 6 challenging stages to play


  • Web browser
  • Android



Use AD or left/right arrow to steer.
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