Micro Pilots

Micro Pilots is a fun 2D arcade game in which you must pilot small aircrafts orbiting around a selection of beautiful planets. You must successfully fly around the planet without colliding with anything on the planet or even the planet itself. Each orbit will become harder and harder as you gain speed and more obstacles become apparent.

You must make sure that you account for the planets gravitational pull as you circle it as it will pull towards the surface causing you to crash. Try to complete all of the levels available to you whilst obtaining all of the stars for a great score. Have fun!

Release Date

October 2018


Micro Pilots is developed by Martijn Kunst.


  • More than challenging 25 levels to complete
  • Cool airplane controls
  • Tiny airplane to fly
  • You are flying circling a planet


Web browser


  • To steer right, press right arrow, X or left mouse button
  • To brake, press left arrow, Z or right mouse button
  • Space bar to throw a bomb
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