Sky Royale (

SkyRoyale is the fighter pilot simulation game in which you will try to dominate the skies with air borne warfare. You must defeat others in dog fights as you soar around the map in state of the art fighter aircrafts making sure that you do not take any damage through maneuvering tactics to dodge incoming fire.

Whilst avoiding your enemies with maneuvers use the stealth mode to make yourself invisible to others to get yourself in the perfect position to attack. Get your enemies in your cross hares and fire away to send your enemies plummeting. Good Luck!

Release Date

May 2018

Developer is developed by Clown Games, who also made and


  • An intense .io game about airplane battle
  • Plenty of airplane models to use
  • Fast-paced gameplay that relies on reflexes
  • Stealth mode of the airplane

Platforms is a web browser game. We also have the Android and iOS versions.


  • Left click or space bar to shoot
  • Right click or W to enter stealth mode
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