Moto X3M: For the Dirt Bike lovers!

Last updated: 2016-12-22
Written by: Raf at CrazyGames

If ever there was a game out there that lets you play as a guy that rides dirt bikes through a challenging course full of death traps, I am sure it would be one that would be played by plenty of people. Not only will bike lovers enjoy this game but because of the awesomeness of the game itself, anybody can find their fun within them. While so much detail and love was put into the level creation and bikes, the gameplay itself was certainly not left out as the controls for each and every one of them are very tight and responsive.

Madpuffers, the creators of the Moto X3M series, have been making 2D racing games since 2013 and most of the development time is spent crafting their unique levels in great editors, guaranteeing fun gameplay. Madmen Racing, Madpuffer’s first game was a great testament to the wholly entertaining games that were soon to follow. The game had good reception from online players so they continued working on their vehicle physics and level design and from that, Max Fury – Death Racer was born; once again showing how their games are filled with love. These two games were their biggest undertaking and at that point, there was a lot of time invested on both games. Afterwards, they took a brief hiatus, however, they still wanted to make a quick and easy game. With the experience they gained from creating the previous two games and their game engine, they decided to focus on motorcycles and thus the Moto X3M series was born.

The team wanted to create something that would stand alone. Something far from the usual trial bike games that already existed. Speed, great physics and dynamics were always their goal, so that is where they focused their efforts and seeing the game that Moto X3M became, their efforts clearly paid off! While playing the game, the realism was obvious. The physics were there but what about the levels? They started putting in obstacles, pits and stunts that would make the game more fun and challenging. After three weeks in development, the first game in the series was created!

Moto X3M

Moto X3M Moto X3M is the game that started the whole series. Moto X3M puts something that many people love directly in the spotlight: dirt bikes. Especially the excitement that you get from them. This is the first of the games in which most of the features of the game series were established. The game can be controlled by the arrow keys with the up arrow being responsible for acceleration, the down arrow controlling the brakes, the left arrow pulling back the rider (making it possible for performing stunts) and finally, the right arrow putting weight on the front of the bike. If you so choose, the W, A, S and D keys can also be used. Each game start with you idling at the beginning of the course. Once you start accelerating, a timer at the beginning of the screen begins to increase. Each level presents you with a very unique course that is both fun and challenging. As you progress through each level, the difficulty increases but at the same time, the fun does as well. While making your way through each level and its obstacles, you can do stunts that will lower the time spent on the level by a bit. Reaching the end of the course will award you with a set number of stars, with the max being three and depends on the amount of time it took to reach the end. The shorter your time, the higher the number of stars rewarded. Each level displays the amount of time needed to get all three stars. You will go through all 22 levels but will you play through just to beat them or will you collect all 66 stars available?

Moto X3M 2

Moto X3M 2 Moto X3M 2 is the second game in the series. In many ways, it is exactly like the first game. Once again, the Moto X3m series shows off its fantastic level design and it makes sure to keep you sufficiently challenged all the while delivering tons of fun. The controls, while exactly the same, have been enhanced allowing for much tighter controls. Wheelies have also been added to the games stunts so you can now lower your time without the need for so many tricks and stunts! Simply put your weight on the back of the bike to pop a wheelie. This game has also added a few new features to increase the level of fun. First are online saves which allow you to continue to play on your file on a different computer! Leaderboards and achievements have also been added and allow you to compete with everyone else in the world! The garage is also new and allows you to change your bike and rider to a different one when you obtain a certain number of stars! These changes are simply cosmetic but they definitely keep the game fresh!

Moto X3M 3

Moto X3M 3 The third game of the Moto X3M series chimes in with the same stuff as the previous entry; great controls, achievements, leaderboards and online saves. Nothing but the best dirt bike simulator on the net! There aren't a lot of changes to the game but it does keep all the features that the second game added, along with a tight control scheme and incredible level design. Level design is certainly something that is done much better in this game as many of the levels are longer, more entertaining and there are awesome, interactive obstacles placed everywhere! Even though there aren't a lot of changes in this game, it is highly recommended that you play this one! Just don't forget about the first two!

What's Next?

With all that being said, the three amazing games in the Moto X3M series definitely gives dirt bike lovers the world over enough of a reason to go online and play these games! Moto X3M is an amazing game, not only because of the simple yet great controls or the level design, but all of this together in one amazing game series. The games were released to great praise. Players gave out good reviews, made YouTube videos and in turn, inspired the team behind them! After releasing the mobile version, they once again saw great success! The game was a fresh start for motor bike games and promised to continue to be great in the upcoming sequels. The current focus is on mobile (Android and iOS). However, that does not mean that the web versions will cease development. They plan on moving forward and using a different engine to make the experience greater still! For those of you who have been waiting on a level editor (us included), the developers plan on making it part of the game and adding cool new features for it such as level sharing and rating systems! Now that is something to look forward to! If you like the games, support the developer by playing the next games and commenting for them. They are always open to suggestions so they can make the game better for everyone!