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Solitaire Social

(4,366 votes)
March 2020
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet), App Store(Android)

Solitaire Social is a free solitaire game featuring a relaxed and normal game mode. Using the points you earn in games, you can customize your deck and theme. Take a break and play solitaire!

How to Play

Start your game

Start a game in any of the available game modes and enter a relaxing solitaire game. In Solitaire Social, you can customize your deck and table theme. Just keep playing and earning crowns to buy some flashy new visuals! You can earn crowns by completing quests too.

Game modes

In relaxed game mode there are no hidden cards. Simply reorder the cards on the tableau to the foundation piles.

Normal game mode is your classic game of Klondike solitaire with hidden cards.

Use helpers if you’re stuck

Solitaire Social has several available functions. Using your crowns, you can buy hints at a rate of 1 crown per hint. For 2 crowns, you can steal a card, which pulls a card at random back to the deck. There is also the standard undo function for taking a step back.

Check your statistics and game history

Solitaire Social uniquely features a detailed game history and stats views to analyze your game. The extensive stats screen shows your win rate, average time, crowns earned, and much more. The history menu features the history of all your games, which can be sorted by date.

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Release Date

March 2020


DrMop made this game.


Web browser. We also have the Android version.


Drag left mouse button to move cards.


What does it mean to “steal a card” in Solitaire Social?

Stealing a card simply means taking a card from the tableau and moving it back to the deck. This can be helpful if you’re stuck for moves.

How do I change the background theme in Solitaire Social?

Use the green and blue button with a diagonal split located in the top right corner.

Gameplay Video

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