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Chess Free

(1,988 votes)
March 2024
Last Updated:
April 2024
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Chess Free is an online chess game where you can play with real online players from all around the world! Hone your strategic and logical thinking to beat your opponent. You can also play by yourself against a computer. A wide range of levels are available, from beginner to World Champion! You can also use interactive hints and undo moves in your gameplay.


  • Play with a computer / online with real people / together on the same screen.
  • 18 difficulty levels from Beginner to World Champion
  • Display of possible moves when choosing a piece- Interactive tips on how to play better during the game
  • Cancel the move. If there was a yawn, you could go back
  • Analysis after the game highlights mistakes and shows how you could have played better
  • The ability to replay the game from the right place
  • Handicap selection
  • Saving the rating
  • Selection of time control modes: unlimited, bullet, blitz, rapid, classic
  • Choose the design of the shapes and the board
  • View the history of moves

Rules of the Game

1. Situations in which a draw is fixed:

  • Stalemate (if one of the opponents cannot make any move, but there is no checkmate on the board)
  • Three-fold repetition of the position
  • 50 moves without taking and pawn movement
  • Lack of figures

2. Castling is allowed if:

  • Neither the king nor the rook have made moves yet
  • There are no other pieces between the king and the rook
  • The king is not under the check
  • The king will not pass through the fields under the shah and will not stop in such a field

3. Taking on the pass:

  • If the opponent has moved a pawn by two squares, thereby equalizing it with yours, then you have every right to remove it from the board. Her place will be taken by your pawn. This can only be done immediately on the next move.

Release Date

March 2024


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Last Updated

Apr 11, 2024


Drag the left mouse button to move the chess pion and release it to drop it.