8.4 is a unique multiplayer io game with fun gameplay that involves controlling a horde of units in an epic battle of survival. You first start off with a small band of faithful units and you must hunt wild animals and gather resources to gain experience points and increase the size of your mob. Once you feel you are ready you can challenge other players and try to eliminate their mob!

The graphics are blocky and reminiscent of Minecraft and the gameplay is really fun - it is possible to create a huge mob and dominate the arena, crushing anything standing in your path! As you earn money for defeating other mobs, you can unlock new units and improve the strength of your own mob. Can you create the largest mob and conquer the land?

Release Date

March 2018

Developer was developed by AOS Games.


  • Multiplayer mobs battle game in a beautiful blocky world
  • Various animals and big bosses to hunt
  • Increase your number as you eliminate enemies
  • Unique ultimate ability for each mob
  • Unlockable new mobs, such as wizards and demons


  • Web browser
  • Android


NOTE: You should click the mob name in order to start the game.


  • Hold left mouse button to move
  • Right click to use ultimate ability (after the charge is full)
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