Fuzzmon vs Robo

Experience an intense battle between Fuzzmon and robots! In this game, each character comes with 4 different types of attack and different powers. In battle, your attack is determined by slots shuffling and it comes up with 2 phases: type and power. In the type slot, you randomly pick an attack type; then you shuffle the power slot. The character with the highest number of wins can attack the opponent, while the losing side can only defend (if they have any shield.) You can deal extra damage when the energy bar is filled. There are many modes available, including CPU mode, multiplayer mode, and tournament mode. Do your best to win every battle and claim the glory in Fuzzmon vs Robo!


This game is developed by Vaisaga Project.


Player 1 controls

  • Z to stop the slots shuffle
  • A to use item
  • C to use energy bar
  • X to defend

Player 2 controls

  • 3 to stop the slots shuffle
  • 4 to use item
  • 1 to use energy bar
  • 2 to defend
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