4 Colors PGS

UNO is one of the most popular modern card games and is enjoyed by thousands of people worldwide. 4 Colors PGS allows you to play UNO online both on your desktop computer and using your mobile phone or tablet. Take this fantastic card game with you anywhere and play against others in intense online battles! The layout is simple and the controls are easy to use.

For those familiar with the UNO game you will be able to pick up the game straight away – remember to press the UNO button if you have just one card remaining otherwise you are forced to draw two cards! This simple game of color and number matching will provide hours of fun and this new browser and mobile based version gives UNO a whole new lease of life!


  • Runs in HTML5, playable both on desktop and mobile
  • Fun gameplay
  • Up to 4 players in a round
  • On-screen tutorial


4 Colors PGS was made by Puzzle Guys.


Left click to play.
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