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Dungeon Crawl Theater

(314 votes)
June 2022
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop-only)

Dungeon Crawl Theater is a roguelike deck builder where you fight for your soul. Battle possessed miniatures, draft new cards to embolden your deck, and spend the lost souls of others to improve your odds. Will you let the curse claim yet another adventurer?

How to Play:

Click on your cards or dice and then on your heroes to assign them the abilities and energy they need!

For a more detailed breakdown:

  • Before the start of each round, you will automatically roll your dice and draw cards until your hand is filled.
  • The round won't start until you've clicked the "Battle" button so take your time and carefully plan how the next round should play out.
  • Assign cards to your heroes by clicking on a card and then on the hero you want this card to be used by. However, class cards can only be used by a hero with the corresponding class!
  • The number on the blue lightning bolt represents the action point requirement for a hero to be able to act and the dice rolls represent your available energy.
  • Each hero has a different action point base requirement and a card's cost will add to that.
  • Click on the dice you wish to use and then on the hero you wish to use them on to charge up their energy.
  • Once you have clicked the "Battle" button, combat will start and any hero with a card assigned and enough energy (action points at 0) will execute their move.
  • Single target moves will randomly select an enemy.
  • A critical hit will deal 1.5 times the damage (rounded down).

(See the status conditions section for additional info)

  • After each character has their turn, the next round begins and this process will repeat until the battle ends.
  • When the battle is won, all status conditions and de-/buffs will be removed and dead heroes will be revived with 1 remaining HP.

Status Conditions:

Damage over time conditions:

These conditions remain until cured or the battle ends

  • Poison / Burn / Bleed - will deal damage equal to their corresponding value after a character's turn (even if they failed to act).

Timed conditions:

These conditions will tick down by 1 at the start of each round and disappear once they've reached 0, are cured or the battle ends

  • Target (taunt) - all single target attacks are directed towards the character with this condition.
  • Paralysis - 25% chance that the character becomes unable to act and skips their turn.
  • Stun - the character is unable to act and skips their turn.


Use the left mouse button to play.