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Gin Rummy Online

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April 2020
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Play Gin Rummy Online (Plus). Gin Rummy is a card-matching game you can play with one or more other players. This online version of Gin Rummy lets you play against opponents of various difficulties to build your skills and become a slick Gin Rummy master!

How to play Gin Rummy Online

Use your hand to form a combination of three or more cards with the same number or sequence (i.e., 678 of hearts). Discard the cards you don't think will be useful at creating these combinations. You must pick up a card at the start of each turn from either the face-down or face-up pile, then discard one card you no longer need.

You end the game by knocking, going Gin, or the game ends by default when only two cards are remaining. In Gin Online, you can complete the game by knocking when you have only two cards remaining that have not formed into melds (groups of three or more). When you have one card remaining, you can call Gin.

About Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is a variant of Rummy games that was created in 1909. Rummy games typically involve the player matching cards of the same rank or in a number sequence with the same suit. The basic idea is that you build three or four cards following this principle while discarding the cards that aren't useful to create your hand.

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