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DUO With Friends

(19,405 votes)
November 2021
Browser (desktop-only)

DUO With Friends is an advanced variation of UNO with new tournaments, rules, gameplay modes, special cards, and much more. Unlike UNO, DUO With Friends allows space for up to 8 players in an online game.

How to play DUO

DUO With Friends follows rules similar to those found in UNO. Match your cards with the same type last placed on the pile. If you can’t, then you must draw cards from the stack until you reach a playable card. You can also utilize several wild & unique cards to avoid having to draw more or balance the playing field.

Set up an online match

You can play DUO online with up to 8 players. The online game creator can fully customize the card game’s rules, dictating how many points are needed to win, how many cards are dealt at the beginning, what special cards will be available, and much more.

Get immersed in the DUO card game

Duo With Friends features numerous game modes and areas to explore. You can set up a quick game and get instantly matched with another player, create games and invite your friends, and join other games by browsing the available matches. Along with the fully customizable gameplay options, you can visit the shop to find custom skins, sound effects and more.

Cards unique to DUO With Friends

Much like UNO, DUO has special cards of its own. These are:

  • Wild 'Find 0': The next player has to keep drawing until they find a card featuring the number zero.
  • Wild 'Switch Cards': The player swaps all their cards with the next player.
  • Wild 'Double': The next player draws as many cards as they have in their hand.
  • Wild 'Number Shuffle': Randomizes the numbers on all number cards.
  • Wild 'Watcher': All player cards are uncovered for 5 turns.


  • Set up a custom match with your own flexible rules
  • Join one of many open online DUO matches
  • Customize your cards, player bar and more
  • Experience a colorful and free online cards game


Robin made DUO With Friends.


Web browser


Left-click to interact with the cards.


What is DUO With Friends?

It is a card game based on UNO, and follows most of the same rules.

How many people can I play DUO With Friends with?

You can play online with up to 8 players.