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Cribbage JD

(2,473 votes)
JD Software LLC
January 2022
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet), App Store(iOS, Android), Steam

Cribbage JD is a classic card game also known as Crib, Cribble, and Noddy. It's a multiplayer card game traditionally for two players, that involves playing and grouping cards in combinations that gain points. The cribbage board is used for score-keeping.


The starter

The player on the dealer's left cuts the undealt portion of the deck (leaving at least 4 cards), and the dealer reveals the top card, called the "starter" or the "cut", placing it on top of the deck face up. (It is illegal to peek at any other cards in the deck during this process.) If this card is a Jack, the dealer scores two points for "his heels", also known as "his nibs", or simply "nibs". The game can end on a cut of a Jack for the dealer.

The play (Pegging)

In addition to scoring one or two points for the last card, players score points according to the following rules:

  • fifteen-twos
  • two points for a cumulative total of exactly fifteen ("fifteen two")
  • runs
  • three points for completing a run of three cards, regardless of the order in which they are laid (a 6, then a 4, then a 5 is a run of three even though they were not laid in order)
  • four points for completing a run of four
  • five points for completing a run of five
  • six points for completing a run of six
  • seven points for completing the run of seven; e.g. playing 2, 4, 6, A, 3, 5 and 7
  • pairs
  • two points for laying a card of the same rank as the previous card, thus completing a pair
  • six points for laying a third card of the same rank (a "pair royal" or "trips")
  • twelve points for laying a fourth card of the same rank (a "double pair royal" or "quad")

The show

Once the play is complete, each player in turn receives points based on the content of their hand. Starting with the player on the dealer's left, players spread out their cards on the playing surface and calculate their score based on these four cards and the starter card:

  • fifteen-twos
  • two points for each separate combination of two or more cards totaling exactly fifteen
  • runs
  • three points for a run of three consecutive cards (regardless of suit)
  • four points for completing a run of four
  • five points for completing a run of five
  • pairs
  • two points for a pair of cards of a kind
  • six points for three cards of a kind (known as a "pair royal", comprising three distinct pairs)
  • twelve points for four cards of a kind (a "double pair royal", comprising six distinct pairs)
  • flush
  • four points for a flush, where all four cards in the hand are of the same suit, with an additional point if the starter card is also of that suit.
  • one point for holding the Jack of the same suit as the starter card ("one for his nob" or "... his nobs" )
  • unlike the dealer's own hand, the crib cannot score a four-card flush, but it can score a five-card flush with the starter.


JD Software LLC developed Cribbage JD.


This game is a web browser game (desktop and mobile). We also have an Android, iOS and Steam version.


Use the left mouse button to interact with the cards.

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