Landor Quest 2

Landor Quest 2 is a mysterious dungeon adventure game in which you are on a journey full of twists and turns. There is a dark wizard hiding deep within the dungeon and you being the hero must battle your way to defeat him and save the day. Within each level there is a key that unlocks the door to enable you to progress deeper within the dungeon.

Your journey will not be easy, there will be beast hiding around every corner that need to be defeated. Use the card mechanisms to defeat them all and be victorious. Good luck!

Release Date

September 2018


Tenfor made Landor Quest 2.


  • A fun dungeon adventure game with card system
  • Youw ill attack the monsters in battle automatically
  • Usable skills during a battle
  • Upgradeable status and skills whenever the hero is defeated or on return after restarting the level
  • Cool storyline with various bossess to beat


Landor Quest 2 is a web browser game.



Use WASD or arrow keys to move or perform a skill.
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