Tugs.io is an epic multiplayer shooting game in which you must fight against other players online for arena supremacy. As you start the game your character is equipped with a basic pistol which is quite weak. To improve your firepower and collect new weapons you must collect the scattered material around the level. As you collect material the power bar in the bottom left corner fills up.

Once this bar is full, you can then seek out one of the weapon circles on the map and enter it. Once you are inside you can trade your power bars for a new and improved weapon! Circles that require a greater amount of bars will provide devastating weapons. When entering a circle your health is also automatically restored. Be careful and collect your weapon quickly as other players can steal it! Use your weapons to eliminate the enemy players and try to dominate Tugs.io!


Tugs.io is a game by Thoca Productions.



  • Press WASD to move
  • Use left mouse button to shoot
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