Raaaaft.io (Raft)


Raaaaft.io (Raft) is a unique io multilayer game in which you must try and stay afloat in a world that has been flooded with water! Little to no land remains in the world and you must use a huge raft for transportation – this raft is your only means of transportation and your only means of obtaining resources to survive – stay on it at all costs and contest for space with the other players.

You must gather resources to survive and also gather food to maintain your nutrition and hydration – keep a close watch on these bars as they are vital to your survival. You can choose to team up with other players to try and survive together, or you can go solo and treat everyone as your enemy! Can you survive in this waterlogged world?

Release Date

March 2018


  • Fantastic io survival game in a watery world
  • You can define your own playstyle, whether you want to play nomad or creating a tribe to settle on an island, you can realize them all
  • Plenty of resources to gather
  • Craft various things, from tools to consumable items
  • There are sharks that will attack you if you are swimming


Web browser



  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Left click to attack or do action
  • F to pick-up item
  • Number keys to use an item
  • Mouse scroll to control zoom's level