Parking Mania

Parking Mania is a fast paced and fun driving game in which you must control a small sports can and practice your parking skills! During each level you must attempt to park your vehicle in the designated spot - you only have 5 lives per level so drive quickly but carefully! If you crash into any object or other vehicle you lose a life so watch out!

In each level, there is also a gold coin to collect - search through the level to collect the gold coin as well as completing the parking challenge. How quickly can you park your vehicle? On some levels you must face moving traffic so keep an eye on the road and the other drivers! With 8 different parking challenges to complete, this game is a heap of fun! Can you prove your parking prowess and get 5 stars in every challenge?

Release Date

October 2013


Chillingo developed this game.


  • Many levels to be beaten
  • Collecting coins are optional, but you can earn a medal
  • Different cars to drive


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS



Use WASD or arrow keys to control the car.
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