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Bus Games

Simulate life as a bus driver in these free online bus games!

The Best Bus Driving Games

Buses aren’t always on time, but they do get us around quickly and safely at a great price. You can’t argue with that. Many passengers even prefer public transport over the alternatives. If you like buses but can’t quite explain why, you’ve clearly landed on the right page.

Bus Simulator Games

One game that answers your calling to become a bus driver is City Bus Driver. Why? Because you get behind the wheel and work for the people. Drive around, pick up passengers, and keep them happy by providing a quick and safe journey.

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Bus Parking Games

If you thought parking a car was tricky, why not try parking a bus? Bus Parking 3D has you navigating a busy parking lot packed with buses, looking for an adequate parking space. See if you can get it done! Head over to parking games for more.

More Games

RCC City Racing is a fun street racing game where you can whizz around town. It also features a bus, which is why it's included here!

You can play more bus games for free in your web browser. Just browse the collection and find a game that lets you drive buses in your preferred setting!


What are the most popular Bus Games?

  1. City Bus Driver
  2. RCC City Racing
  3. Downtown 1930s Mafia
  4. Free Rally
  5. Bus Parking 3D

What are the best Bus Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Bus Parking 3D

What are Bus Games?

Bus games are driving games featuring buses. In these games, you can drive buses from one destination to the next, dropping off passengers.

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