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Obstacle Games

Obstacle Games - Use your dodging skill and race through various levels while avoiding obstacles!

Throughout our lives we have many obstacles and we use our skill and knowledge to bypass them or confront them head on. Obstacle browser games are a varied genre but one thing remains in common – you must avoid obstacles! Some games such as Running Fred and Tomb Runner require you to run through a never-ending maze and avoid obstacles using jumps and slides for example. Other games such as Monster Trucks Unleashed and Bike Trial Snow Ride allow you to tackle different obstacles using a range of powerful vehicles. If you enjoy a challenge, and like testing your keyboard skill and reflexes, our obstacle games are the perfect solution!


What are the most popular Obstacle Games?

  1. Space Waves
  2. Golf Orbit
  3. Crazy Motorcycle
  4. Slice Master
  5. Jump Guys
  6. Square Bird
  7. House of Hazards
  8. Merge & Construct
  9. Escape From Prison Multiplayer
  10. Man Runner 2048

What are the best Obstacle Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Space Waves
  2. Merge & Construct
  3. Draw Crash Race
  4. Crazy Motorcycle
  5. Man Runner 2048

What are some underrated Obstacle Games?

  1. Slice Master
  2. Getting Over It
  3. Geometry Game
  4. LOLBeans io

What are Obstacle Games?

Test your skills and reflexes in these games that challenge you to navigate through various obstacles. From jumping over hurdles to avoiding traps, these games offer a variety of challenges that will keep you on your toes.

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