8.9 is an epic massive spaceship battle game in which you must control a fleet of spaceships and attempt to conquer the galaxy by eliminating other fleets roaming through space. Move your fleet using the mouse button and search for object you can destroy – as you destroy objects the size of your fleet will increase and this will mean you have more firepower to attack your enemies.

Try to destroy as many enemies as possible but avoid taking damage at the same time otherwise the size of your fleet will decrease. If you get in a tight situation or want to sneak up on your enemies you can use the space bar to give your fleet a speed boost! Can you conquer the galaxy and reign as the largest starship fleet in the universe?

Release Date

April 2018

Developer is made by asyncrobot.


  • Your spaceships attack automatically, you only need to control the flying direction
  • Helpful minimap and navigator
  • Different and bigger resource requirements to buy a spaceship as you have more of it
  • Nice explosion effect


This game is a web browser game.



  • Move your mouse to control the spaceship's direction
  • 1 to buy a new spaceship
  • Space bar to boost speed
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